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Monday, December 25, 2006

Another scintillating day…

This weekend – again due to some unavoidable trip, I landed to see in and around of Mysore. I am posting few snaps here….

Came to know that there was no lighting in the Brindavan for the past one week ( as told by my taxi driver) . It was totally ignominy to see such display there. When the clock went down to 7pm, it was too dark and we could not even locate our car. Added to the scene, there were school kids following one by one. If one gets missed …. it would be very difficult to locate since, there was a heavy rush. There was no information any where abt this failure except at the ticket counter, where it was written in a small paper with sketch – “Due to power failure there will be no illumination in the south end gardens”.

The first one…

Beautiful sunset in the Cauvery Basin, Brindavan garden.

Krishna’s sculpture in the wooden base at Mysore silk Gallery

Monkey at Chamundi hills

Pillars at Gumbaz – Where Tipu is buried

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kinda technical stuff...

Ever thought of Merlin greeting you when you open your outlook. Here it is..
Open Outlook and go to Tools> Macro>Visual Basic Editor

Add the Microsoft Agent Control 2
.0 as reference

Go to This Outlook Session and paste the following code.

Public Sub Application_Startup()

Dim strMorning As Date

Dim strNoon As Date

Dim strEvening As Date
Dim strNight As Date

Dim strNow As Date

strNow = Format(Now, "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")

strMorning = Format("7AM", "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")

strNoon = Format("12PM", "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")
strEvening = Format("4.30PM", "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")

strNight = Format("8.00PM", "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")

Set agentMerlin = New Agent

With agentMerlin ' Load a character
.Characters.Load "merlin", "c:\windows\msagent\chars\merlin.acs" 'If the folder ''c:\winNT\msagent\chars\ is not present on your disk, create such a folder and save ''merlin.acs to that folder
'' Display the character
.Characters("merlin").MoveTo 0, 0
Select Case True

Case strNow >= strMorning And strNow < style="font-style: italic;">.Characters("merlin").Speak "Good morning Senthil. Had ur breakfast"
Case strNow >= strNoon And strNow
.Characters("merlin").Speak "Good afternoon. Hope u had a nice lunch"

Case strNow >= strEvening And strNow .Characters("merlin").Speak "Still working. Then go for a break - i mean coffee/tea!!!!!!"
Case strNow >= strNight And strNow
.Characters("merlin").Speak "Had ur dinner. Nowadays u work very hard. Take care of ur health dude"

End Select


End With
End Sub

Save and close the window. Now go to Tools>Macro>Security and select Low security level to run your macro.

That’s it. Now you see when you open the Outlook, you will greetings as this….

Saturday, December 09, 2006

iPod sends electric signal to ur body....;-)

Sorry for again writing abt iPod. Just wondered how it is designed & found some thing interesting.

Do u know that the click wheel wont work if you use any plastic material to move around the wheel ( use cap of a pen to test this) ? U c it sends electric signals from the base and for the click wheel to work, the object it touches should be a conductor.We are good conductor and hence our finger does the magic.

But why when a paper click is used it doesn’t work? Good question isn’t it. The area of touch also does matter. The more the area of touch more electric cloud ( they call it as capacitance ) is created under the wheel which is sensed by electric circuit.

More details about that here.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

To new version...

Today I moved to the beta version of the blog and hence the google gadget has gone. Last week my trip was to Greenwich - which i will be adding potos soon.

Comments on iPod Nano:

I moved to a new 2 GB iPod Nano - completely remastered. It is really good. The sound quality is superb - similar to the old iPod shuffle. I really liked the click wheel which responds when we slide our finger over it.

They have also increased the battery duration to 24 hrs from 15 hrs which was there for old iPod Nano.

Features i like in it:

  • Sleek design

  • Sturdy body

  • Nice Game

  • Click Wheel

  • 2 Gb in £99

  • Good sound

  • Calendar and Clock features

  • Contact features

  • Features I dislike

  • Ear phone jack at the bottom right

  • Change in earphone design - that doesnt fit in ears

  • Overall Satisfaction : Nice to buy

    More details about iPod Nano here

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    On the FN...

    (Replace H with Husband and W with wife...;-))

    H eagerly anticipates his new W arrival on the first night.
    Here are the few dialogues that went in after that….

    H says: Before we proceed our life, I wish we could share our feelings, likeliness, interest etc. This will make us comfortable, understandable and help us to understand each other in a better way
    W says: mmm ( in a silent node)
    H Says: let me talk about my love life. I wish you should know some. At least I want to speak here.
    H says: I happened to love few people. Nothing worked out. My first one….I got attracted by a girl when I was doing 10th std.
    W says: (suddenly raises her eye brows )
    H says: Don’t see me like that. Let me complete. I did not speak even a single word during my studies there. One last word we shared – that is before our final examination – All the best.
    W says: (now with little comfort) that’s it…
    H says: Yep. That’s it. I could not see the girl after that. The next one when I was doing my graduation. This girl was my colleague. She was very beautiful and I wished to spend time with her. But I never confessed my love to her.
    W says: Does she know now or not?
    H says: No. I later found that she was not the one which I was looking for. I completed my studies. She knew me as a colleague but not more.
    (The conversation goes as this for other 15 mins and H finally finishes his love story...)

    H says: So, those where my 1942 love stories. How about you. Did you love some body? Any success in that.
    W says: Not but during the recent days I do.
    H says: Don’t worry. I won’t take it bad. Is that true?
    W says: Yes. I still love him.
    H says: (with little annoyed but not shown in face): That sounds interesting. What happened to him?
    W says: He got married.
    H says: Oh I am sorry (little relieved now) What is he doing now?
    W says: Wasting the wonderful first night telling the untold stories to his new wife. Ada chi vaaa.
    H says: Adingooo….

    On the British Museum...
    As I had mentioned in my earlier post about my trip to British Museum. Here are few excerpts.

    I took 2 tubes to reach British Museum from my place Hounslow. It is one of the world’s largest museums. It is a good one to spend a whole day. There are 3 floors and maps are available to easily locate a place where we are and what is nearby.

    I tried seeing almost all the rooms in the museum and I hope I have covered all of it. The one that fascinated me the most was the Egyptian section which I longed to see. I could see more people in that session and I saw the famous mummies.

    Next one which I admired was the very big reading room. A huge collection of books orderly arranged --- too huge. They do have some small outlets and restaurants for small breaks, if at all we require.

    Asian section – Other section where I could see more people. Collections of various shapes of Buddha were found everywhere. India has got a much enriched history, since in the Asian section; India is finding a memorable place in the British Museum. I tried to see the famous peacock throne (the throne of ShahJahan) but I could not. I read somewhere that this was taken by British from India when they ruled.

    The first poto shows here the reading room.

    Second one – Outside the reading room.. the cafetaria

    The third room, - idol of Durga devi and my favourite – at the Japan Section – the jar was very beautiful and the surrounding was very clean that lured to me to shot.

    Last one – Outside the British Museum –

    When I am coming out I found this building which looked really good. Waited for some time so that I could shoot it with no people in the scope. I don’t know how anything about this building but the photo has really come well. Taken with normal light with no flash.

    Monday, October 23, 2006

    Yet another proof...

    I am not a good photographer but now I am learning a little in that. This started, when I first saw this poto which I took during my bro's marriage. The energy in the eyes of the girl has really come well. Taken with flash in 3M using my Sony camera.

    And the second one, I took when I went to Brindavan. Different shades of people waiting to see the dancing water fountain.

    In my room...

    Last week i tried taking snaps of my room in UK. Using auto snap feature, I tried few snaps. They came on really well. I clicked one on my room light, which I posted here. How is it....

    I had been to British Museum last Sunday. Good one to spend a day. Will be writing abt it soon.

    Friday, October 13, 2006

    Just tried...

    Today i was reading abt Google gadgets. Found that it can be easily added to our web pages. Just tried adding it in the header of my blog. Hurreh.... Now you can see the date and time in my blog..

    OO.. It is on Friday the 13th i have done this....Rare coincedence.

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Back to UK

    I am now in UK again - another break.
    Life is going on good. Will blog more abt my experiences here soon but be on hold for some time.

    One more :-- I moved to a new ( kinda old ) sony ericsson p910 i model pone. Its Ok.

    Monday, October 02, 2006

    A Chat with a fnd who is abt to get married ....


    This fnd. didn't have his fiancee phone no...

    S says:
    Hi N
    N says:
    hi da
    S says:
    ennada inna nadakuthu
    S says:
    how was the engagement
    N says:
    it got finished yesterday
    N says:
    S says:
    where in Pondicherry?
    N says:
    yes, it was in the morning
    S says:
    ippavavuthu phone numebr?
    N says:
    she dont have a mobile phone,
    S says:
    kali kaalam
    N says:
    bad luck
    S says:
    dai she is a IT girl
    S says:
    shud be having
    N says:
    so wat
    S says:
    may be not interested in
    S says:
    sharing it with u
    N says:
    i asked her, but she told that she doesnt have
    S says:
    atleast for a mail id
    S says:
    how u contact her now?
    N says:
    she asked me to call to their landline
    S says:
    this shud be more personal
    S says:
    without knwoing to her families
    N says:
    poda, ineme inna personal
    S says:
    i felt u cant talk that much freely if it is landline
    N says:
    yes that is correct
    S says:
    fine intha kalla thodarbunnu kelvi patirupiye
    S says:
    atha thaan naan ethir paarthen
    S says:
    atleast u can ask her to call u from some booth
    N says:
    we will try to sort out this prob
    S says:
    S says:
    u can share a mobile
    S says:
    S says:
    did she call u today?
    N says:
    antha ideavum irrku
    N says:
    no she havent called
    S says:
    atleast u shud do it
    S says:
    machan intha period thaan koncham enjoy panna mudiyum
    S says:
    may be i am nt experienced in this
    N says:
    yes da, i'll try my level best
    S says:
    but this is the right time we can talk legally to a girl
    S says:
    once she becomes wife - u need not talk she will talk
    N says:
    correct thanda
    S says:
    any way the ball is in ur court
    S says:
    try ur best and take her some day out b4 marriage
    N says:
    i'll try
    S says:
    but she is now in pdy right
    N says:
    yes, she is pondy
    S says:
    pondyla entha molla maari thanamum panna mudiyathu
    S says:
    suthi suthi namla therinchavanga thaan
    S says:
    S says:
    anyway all the best
    N says:
    thanx da
    Last weekend...

    My parents (father, brother and sister in law) came and hence onceagain to Mysore trip. This time, I made it to SriRangapatna and Brindavan which i missed when i went on a trip last time.

    The trip was good and I enjoyed it. I just wanted to post few potos which I thought would be relevant here to show my potographic skils ( athellam onnum illingoooooooo).

    The first one .. i clicked in Brindavan . just a different view of a tree.
    Second one.... In Tipu Sultan's summer fort.

    Saturday, September 23, 2006

    Last few days...

    We were at the project party (account level) last wednesday. The DJ was good. It started at 7.30pm and went till 10.30 pm.

    Nice to cherish. Too far from Mysore, scheduled somewhere in SriRangapatna in a resort named YOUNG WORLD ( hope I remember correctly).

    i will be soon moving with a new SONY ERICSSON PDA cum MOBILE PHONE ( model no P110I).

    Soon to tell some good news related to my leisure activity.

    For time being, njoy this snap which I took when I had been to UK.

    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Poto Side

    Few of the snaps my fnd sent to me in email. And the paintings are really cute.

    Let them be caught in my blog for sometime ....

    Roaming around Mysore

    Few weeks before I had been to Mysore Zoo. Man, that is too big. It took some 4 hrs to come back to the starting spot.
    Felt almost tired. The animals kepts us enthusiastic. Good to know that they have named the tigers in beautiful traditional south Indian names.

    Few snaps posted here. Splendid place for kids to visit .

    We just followed these people too for keeping us move without tired ;-)

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    MMm -- another fighting day

    Got a fnd sometime recently ( hope almost one month gone).. Day before yesterday wrote some mail to her and our pleasant line got broken. She said it wud take some 2-3months to recover after some couple of sorry mails... mmmm.

    C the life.

    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    My trip to London...

    Hi pals, i am writing after a long hibernation. I had a chance to go to London officially. Here it is - sharing some of my views abt this place.

    Weather is really good and the time when i went it dropped even less than 2C. I felt very cold after coming out of flight. Thought for a while that the foot path was airconditioned - but to my anxiety that was the outer temperature.

    People do follow the traffic rules and almost eveything is automised. To say the truth, it is easy to settle in this place than in India in any state. I got bus pass, mobile SIM everything activated the same minute. I was able to travel with the same bus pass in tube trains as well. Commuting is the best there and people move with us in amicable way. A snap which I have taken there....

    Wednesday, March 22, 2006

    Software firm chat
    A girl comes in messenger for a chat with a guy after a long gap. The boy was expecting a chat from her for years and now it has happened. He was overthrilled.Here goes the conversation

    Girl says:
    Hi boy
    Boy says:
    Oh my God. Is it you? After a long gap. Wait, let me check whether it is raining outside.
    Girl Says:
    Boy says:
    Me guess what you are going to tell. You got salary hike right?
    Girl Says;
    Boy says:
    Got promoted?
    Girl says:
    Boy says:
    Got onsite chance
    Girl says:
    Boy says:
    Going to get married L
    Girl says:
    Boy says:
    Coded ur program with zero bugs ;-)
    Girls says:
    Boy says:
    Then what it is?
    Girl says:
    I installed messenger.
    Boy says:
    !!!###??? ( intha ponnungala purinchikive mudiyale)

    Tuesday, March 21, 2006

    A chat b/w 2 friends. Only tamil viewers.

    Mr Xsays:
    ena busya
    Mr Ysays:
    Mr Xsays:
    onnum illa bore adikkuthu
    Mr Ysays:
    Mr Xsays:
    unna konjam neram arukklammnu
    Mr Ysays:
    carry on
    Mr Xsays:
    mm sollu
    Mr Ysays:
    pesame nee ponna poranthu irrukalam
    Mr Xsays:
    ethavathu nalla visyama
    Mr Ysays:
    atleast i will get some satisfaction that i am chatting witha girl
    Mr Xsays:
    dei naan unn kitta solla nenachatha nee enn kitta sollra
    Mr Ysays:
    do u have access to net
    Mr Xsays:
    Mr Xsays:
    i.e why it is still boring
    Mr Ysays:
    there is one good site where u can read good taml kavithai
    Mr Ysays:
    for example
    Mr Xsays:
    mmm net illama naan enna panna
    Mr Xsays:
    Mr Ysays:
    aayiranthan karunanidhi dmk le irunthaalum, avar veetu maadu amma thaan kathum
    Mr Xsays:
    Mr Ysays:
    eppadi irukku
    Mr Xsays:
    nee Busla yernalum, Bus unmela ernalum ticket edukka porathu ennamo nee than
    Mr Xsays:
    ithu eppadi irrukku
    Mr Ysays:
    neeya potta mottai athuva vizhuntha sottai
    Mr Xsays:
    Paaku marathula paaku irukum,
    Thaeku marathula thaeku irukum,
    Aana panamarathula panam irukaadhu.
    Mr Xsays:
    Mechanical Engineer Mechanic aagalam
    Aanaa Software Engineer Software aaga mudiyaathu......
    Mr Ysays:
    bus kilambi pochuna bus stand angaye thaan irrukkum aana cycle pona standuum kodavee pogum
    Mr Xsays:
    Tea cupla tea irukkalam....ana....
    World Cupla World irukka mudiyaathu.....
    Mr Xsays:
    Ennadhan aeroplane maela parandhaalum...
    Petrol poda keelathaan varanum.
    Mr Xsays:
    Evvaloo kaasu kuduthu planela ponaalum,
    Jannala thiranthu vedikkaa paakka mudiyaathu.....
    Mr Xsays:
    dei enna achu
    Mr Ysays:
    Mr Xsays:
    Mr Xsays:
    Key boardla key irrukkum
    Aanaa Mother boardla Mother irruka mudiyaathu.....
    Mr Xsays:
    Brush vachu pallu clean pannalam...............
    Aanaa palla vachu brush clean panna mudiyathu!!!!
    Mr Xsays:
    Tool boxla toolsa parka mudiyum...Aanaa
    Match boxla match-a paarka mudiyaathu!!!
    Mr Xsays:
    Fan-ukkum rekkai irukku.
    Paravai-kkum rekkai irukku.
    Fan-aala parakka mudiyaathu.
    Paravaiyaala sutha mudiyaathu.
    Aaanaa... Fan-a amukina suththum.
    Paravai-ya amukina kaththum...
    Mr Xsays:
    Pant Pottu Mutti poda mudiyum
    Aanaa mutti pottu pant poda mudiyaathu.....!!!!
    Mr Ysays:
    pothumnda enakku mozhippu vandithichi
    Mr Xsays:
    Irukkurappa enna daan complan,bournvita kudichalum
    sethathukkappuram ellarukkum paal thaan

    Mr Xsays:
    Lunch bagla lunch eduthuttu pogalam...
    Aanaa school bagla school-ai eduthuttu poga

    Mr Xsays
    Pache milagaile pache irukkum
    Aanaa kodemolagale kode irukkaathu??

    Mr Xsays:
    Meluga vachchu melugu vathi seyyalam...
    Aanaa kosuva vachi kosu vathi seyya mudiyathu..!!!!
    Mr Xsays:
    Kovil maniya namma adicha saththam varum...
    Aanaa kovil mani nammala adicha raththam than
    Mr Xsays:
    Cyclela poana cycling,
    Trainla poana training-a?
    Mr Xsays:
    Nee evlo periya paruppa irunthalum,
    Unga veettu samayalukku paruppu kadaila than
    Mr Xsays:
    enna pothumaaa

    Mr Ysays:
    Thaangala da sami. Aaala vidu.
    Seems so silly...

    Happened to read my old mails in the archive today. i thought of deleting some unwanted mails which were there for quite some time increasing the size. As i proceeded, i cud c some silly mails which I sent to a friend. i was in crush with her that i totally gone mad.

    I felt that i did a realy foolishness after reading such mails now. I cudnt move beyond that I deleted those mails outright. Thank God. I saved my image.