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Monday, December 25, 2006

Another scintillating day…

This weekend – again due to some unavoidable trip, I landed to see in and around of Mysore. I am posting few snaps here….

Came to know that there was no lighting in the Brindavan for the past one week ( as told by my taxi driver) . It was totally ignominy to see such display there. When the clock went down to 7pm, it was too dark and we could not even locate our car. Added to the scene, there were school kids following one by one. If one gets missed …. it would be very difficult to locate since, there was a heavy rush. There was no information any where abt this failure except at the ticket counter, where it was written in a small paper with sketch – “Due to power failure there will be no illumination in the south end gardens”.

The first one…

Beautiful sunset in the Cauvery Basin, Brindavan garden.

Krishna’s sculpture in the wooden base at Mysore silk Gallery

Monkey at Chamundi hills

Pillars at Gumbaz – Where Tipu is buried

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kinda technical stuff...

Ever thought of Merlin greeting you when you open your outlook. Here it is..
Open Outlook and go to Tools> Macro>Visual Basic Editor

Add the Microsoft Agent Control 2
.0 as reference

Go to This Outlook Session and paste the following code.

Public Sub Application_Startup()

Dim strMorning As Date

Dim strNoon As Date

Dim strEvening As Date
Dim strNight As Date

Dim strNow As Date

strNow = Format(Now, "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")

strMorning = Format("7AM", "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")

strNoon = Format("12PM", "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")
strEvening = Format("4.30PM", "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")

strNight = Format("8.00PM", "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")

Set agentMerlin = New Agent

With agentMerlin ' Load a character
.Characters.Load "merlin", "c:\windows\msagent\chars\merlin.acs" 'If the folder ''c:\winNT\msagent\chars\ is not present on your disk, create such a folder and save ''merlin.acs to that folder
'' Display the character
.Characters("merlin").MoveTo 0, 0
Select Case True

Case strNow >= strMorning And strNow < style="font-style: italic;">.Characters("merlin").Speak "Good morning Senthil. Had ur breakfast"
Case strNow >= strNoon And strNow
.Characters("merlin").Speak "Good afternoon. Hope u had a nice lunch"

Case strNow >= strEvening And strNow .Characters("merlin").Speak "Still working. Then go for a break - i mean coffee/tea!!!!!!"
Case strNow >= strNight And strNow
.Characters("merlin").Speak "Had ur dinner. Nowadays u work very hard. Take care of ur health dude"

End Select


End With
End Sub

Save and close the window. Now go to Tools>Macro>Security and select Low security level to run your macro.

That’s it. Now you see when you open the Outlook, you will greetings as this….

Saturday, December 09, 2006

iPod sends electric signal to ur body....;-)

Sorry for again writing abt iPod. Just wondered how it is designed & found some thing interesting.

Do u know that the click wheel wont work if you use any plastic material to move around the wheel ( use cap of a pen to test this) ? U c it sends electric signals from the base and for the click wheel to work, the object it touches should be a conductor.We are good conductor and hence our finger does the magic.

But why when a paper click is used it doesn’t work? Good question isn’t it. The area of touch also does matter. The more the area of touch more electric cloud ( they call it as capacitance ) is created under the wheel which is sensed by electric circuit.

More details about that here.