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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Crazy isn’t...

Recently I came to know about a new browser called CRAZY browser. I am used to Firefox mostly but few good features of this browser makes me to write this post. Once you are used to it, can never leave it.

First of all, this is a freeware and installs immediately (the download file size is small). It has got all things more than a normal browser reqiure. It downloads the pages faster. It doesn’t require you to install Java framework in your machine. It has got inbuilt popup blocker to block the pages and good cool features which I will be talking about in a few moment.
The one main drawback I see on this browser is – it requires IE to be installed previously in the machine – since it uses some of IE features. Ok lets be optimistic.

Cool features of Crazy

The domain completion for .com, .net, .org. Most of the browsers complete the URL of .com if you key in Ctrl + Enter. But this browser also completes .net and .org by keying in different combination. This can be configured in the OPTIONS section to our needs.
Also the tabbed browsing and the new mouse interface. You can close a page just by simply moving the move to some direction.

This action on mouse by holding the right click and releasing will close the current page. Similarly there are other cool movements to handle the pages.

This browser also allows closing the page in 3 different options.

- Close the current page
- Close all unavailable pages – where you get page cannot be displayed error
- Close all but locked pages

You can lock a page and prevent it from accidental closing. The other nice feature in this browser is grouping. You can group related pages into a single group – for example all news related sites into one group. Next time, just click the group name and it opens all the pages in one go.

I am yet to explore much into this browser but I am impressed by different feature it provides as of now. It is still in beta version and you can try it out for free from this location

Friday, September 07, 2007

To Time this time….

This time I bounced to read about watches. I am not going to tell anything new about watches but want to discuss on special watches that is available from ’83 – the G-SHOCK series from CASIO. The G stands for Gravity.

I use to wonder why G-SHOCK watches are thicker with very thick boarder and a small display when compared to entire dial dia of watches. The features a GSHOCK should suffice as per CASIO are the following.

  • Bear the shock if falls from 10 mts
  • Should be 20bar water resistant ( 200 mts)
  • Should work in limited light
  • Should work in low and high temperatures ( min – 20C)
  • Standard time keeping functions with date, day and month
  • Standard features in digital watches like stop watch, timer etc
  • No battery replacement – or the life of battery should be more (some goes for 10 years)
  • Other additional features – depending on type of watch - like tide graph for surfers, waveceptors – for atomic time keeping

The reason for its bulkiness is the different layers that are present before and after the inner core of the watch to reduce the impact to 0 at the maximum. So the impact from a 10m drop is made to 0 here and hence the inner core ( where the brain of the watch is present) is not disturbed.

Other interesting features:

To save power, the watch display goes off if kept in total darkness for some time in some models. Additionally tough solar concept helps in recharging the battery so you won’t require replacing it. When the battery charge goes down, the watch gradually reduces its features one by one – (for example the auto EL light will be off) till it gets recharged. You just need to keep it in a location where light is present. Even a candle light will do to charge it.

Waveceptor linked with G SHOCK helps in keeping up the time to atomic accurate. These watches receives signal either from US , or Europe atomic stations and syncs the time automatically. The sync can be done either manually or automatically. Automatic sync happens mostly during night when the watch assumes you wont be using it – interesting isn’t.

The watch when fully charged can work in total darkness for 9 months… wow. The watch is now a favourite wear in armies, surfers, astronauts.

So wanna interested in buying G-SHOCK. Try it out today. And one last news, other than SWATCH watches, G SHOCK is also one of the collectors item for peoples. Number of limited editions have come in G SHOCK and still comes. FROGMAN is one of specific G SHOCK watch which is a most popular collection items. For more info go check it out here : casiowatches and gshockhome.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Clean Mysore...

Its been a long time i have posted some snaps here. Find here some... which I took after a rain in Mysore.

The green colour of the leaves are fresh after the rain - u can see it here.

I also make sure that most of my photos can be made as desktop back ground... try it out....

Friday, August 03, 2007


This could be big blog writing but yet it is interesting to read and I hope you will enjoy it.

My recent reading was related to UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects). I had some knowledge about it when I was little and had seen some movies related to that. But after this recent reading, I go with the conclusion that there is life present somewhere in the Universe for sure.

From the readings I could derive the following:

The aliens are
  • Are more powerful than man
  • Not willing to interact with humans
  • Studying earth and the living and non living things on the earth
  • Also experimenting on other objects in the universe - like our famous moon, Mars
  • Using some improvised technology which is not known so far, to make objects dispappear or invisible to human eyes
  • A different technology that helps flying other than using jet of air or a combination since people could not hear sounds
Few interesting facts about them are:

Almost all the UFO look similar in structure - few of them vary very little but all of them with no wings to fly. They look like disc or hat, which helps us to say that they also come from an atmosphere like or some fluid medium based object similar to earth. Reason being, since the UFO are designed in an aerodynamic way - this structure is required only when we travel through a fluid to reduce the friction between the object and the fluid.

To say more, the lunar space module which landed on the moon need not be aerodynamic since there is no atmosphere in moon and hence the friction is very minimal whereas for the objects to survive in atmosphere it should be aerodynamically designed to reduce the friction caused by the atmosphere - that is the reason why most of the planets are in sphere shape. If you can see how the landing over Mars been done you can understand more.

One more question also arises here - is the reason for the aerodynamic structure is because of their plan to travel to earth where atmosphere is present? A question to be answered.

Ok let me come to other points - on the UFO
  • Some UFO grabbed a speed of 200 - 300 km in 2-4 seconds with out making any noise
  • The radio communications failed when UFO appeared near the range
  • Car engines stopped functioning when near to UFO
  • Animals can locate the space ships - for dogs suddenly barking at the sky happened when UFO was sighted.
  • Most of the UFO ships are not visible to human
  • When approached nearby they moved in a random direction and flew at a very high speed disappearing in seconds
  • Few UFO were visible to naked eye whereas most of them appeared only in the photographs taken - they were not visible when they were taken so there is evey possibility that no. of UFOs might come to earth every year and go unnoticed. I think this happens even today
  • People or animal not harmed by them although there are stories where people being abducted but not
  • UFO sighted to explore the sea water and animals - i remember seeing a snap wherein a UFO comes out of sea water
They have also noticed a big UFO spanning some 400km in diameter from a space shuttle with earth at the background. Few UFO sightings were observed in Moon and in space.

I too remember some past experiences- suddenly some light glows in the night in the sky - moves for a distance and disappears. I thought these could be some debris in the sky like asteroids or meteors. But I now speculate why it can't be UFO. Good no. of videos are present in You tube and you would also be interested to know about AREA 51. Browse the net .

For more information, check in Google (type UFO). Remember the next time you snap a picture of sky check it for UFO in the back ground. But be sure that YOU ARE BEING WATCHED

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Recently I came to know about this concept called Puppet. Puppetting not the humans but lifeless things. Example being: Keeping the bucket under the tap but not opening the tap. This is pupetting the bucket - the bucket expects that tap would be openened but we did not do that step. Another one could be : make the cot ready but sleep on the floor. Nice concept isnt it.

I did a round of analysis on this. This seems to be a good concept for childrens. After some thinking i classified this to costly and uncostly puppetting. It is always good to do uncostly pupetting since it is safe and no harm to any one.

Uncostly puppeting is the one which I mentioned initially. But the costly one will be opening the tap and cleaning our hands with napkins without using the water. Here we are pupetting the tap but the bad thing is here : wasting the water.

This will be a nice game where we can ask kids to do uncostly puppetting by showing an object. For example: How you will puppet a book? Open the book and sleep well without even seeing a page. I remember i took a book from library some months before and lying at my desk without even a page opened. Do you think I am pupetting it.. No it is a costly puppetting since i am puppetting myself by not gaining any knowledge from it... This is just a thought.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Calls are new...

Again to another phone now. Moved to Nokia for the first time. Here are the comments about my new Nokia N72

Good ones:

Stylish look - i got gold plated one - this came very recently to market
Quick hints on current status - if you had received some new messages or any missed calls - it get displayed in the screen saver timer
File transfer - The NOKIA pc suite is good to transfer files from here and there. There is one another feature wherein you can send SMS from ur PC thro the phone instantly
Sound quality - Good
Light sensor - Automatically detects the light based on which it lights the keypad

Bad ones:

Less talk time - around 3 hours and 30 mins ( i am not sure about this)
Slow menu response - this was not happening in my old sony ericsson
No auto key pad lock - u need to lock the entire phone using some code
Audio format - not much supported audio and video format. I copied one AVI file but it was showing "Un recognised format"
Camera cover - poor design - often it opens by hand slippage ( if you keep this in pant pockets) and the worst part is it will unlock the phone - so if you keep it in ur pocket - ur loosing power

Overall suggestion: Good one to buy since it has almost all the features of current technologies.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Skill that hangs in the wall

Last week, one of my friend sent me some of the paintings her mother did. I checked those,-- it was quite amazing to see her skills.

I could see the paintings are framed and hung in the wall.

Posting here few of her paintings -- Kudos to you ma'm - keep up the good work. ( you c I am also good at drawings and won few prizes too during school days....)

Bye bye Balmuri...

Last week i had been to Balmuri ( some 15 kms from my place). I wanted to check abt the falls there.... To my great diasppointment i could not see any such thing there. The water from KRS comes here - they have built a baricade where the water suppose to overflow creating some artificial falls.

Since there is no much water ( may b the time when i went ) there is nothing to really enjoy over there. People come there to take bath ( the water is so bad there). I dont know how to describe this place - you can just spend some 5 mins to see the place and quit back to ur place immediately to save the image of balmuri - otherwise you will curse this place.

I dont know why they are collecting some entry fee ( for vehicles) to this place - i think its kinda warning to people to say not to come here.....

Few snaps which I took there...

Friday, May 04, 2007

The dark day...

Yes, the power often goes off in Mysore nowadays where I live. The same happened when I came from Office one day - i lighted the candle and was waiting for the ligths to turn on again. It was a cold day in Mysore (in this hot period) - it was about to rain as well.

Took this snap - gues what is in the foreground - it is just a chair.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Just to mention...

I would like my blog to be simple and neat. I dont wish to write 2 many lines and hence all my postings will be small - but i love to add potos which I took /or the one which impressed me. I am thinking of making this blog a collection of everything ... so it is not based on one particular theme. Enjoy reading...........

In Colombo...

As I had already mentioned, i had a chance to see the Colombo Bandaranayake International Airpot. I am posting few snaps which i took there. This is the only International Airport in Srilanka . When I returned from London, I supposed to have a stop over in Colombo--- the very same day LTTE attacked the Srilankan Military base which is ver near to this airport. So all the planes were diverted to some other location. There were some confusion among passengers when we saw the destination was showing as Thiruvanathanpuram instead of Colombo suddenly. We landed at Thiruvanathanpuram International airport and were inside the aircraft for some 4 hrs. We could suspect something fishy had happened in Srilanka. Then we started onceagain to Colombo after the pilot got clearance. I later came to know about the LTTE attack... See the first terrorist group which has airforce... Man, the world is going on so bad.
A good weekend...

Last week i had a wonderful oppurtunity to interact with few kids of Chayyadevi ashram. The charity group in our company brought them to our campus. Some 22 kids - each with different character showcasing their skills in the culturals -- it was too good to spend some wonderful time with them. I should thank the team responsible for bringing those kids to our office.

They had a wonderful time last saturday ( 28th April 2007). We played with them - took them around the campus and spent a good amount of time interacting with these kids. They are so sharp and intelligent.

Few lighter moments i want to share here: We had a small quiz competition wherein we were showing some famous personalities and asking the kids to answer who was in that picture. Narayanmurthy was displayed there in the screen and one kid identified him correctly. Then we asked who is Narayanamurthy and instantly the reply came "He is Narayanamurthy" - the kid showed the same photo again. We all bursted into laughter at that moment. The question was asked to check whether the kid know more about him but in vain....

Another event was when we had snacks with the boys together. Myself and my friend was with me along with 3 more kids. One boy told that he could play well in his right hand in badminton. Then we asked him to show which is right hand, the next guy who was sitting by his side raised his left hand. We asked him was that the right hand. He told since he was holding the pepsi in his right hand he was showing the other hand..... ;-)

A snap which snapped my mind for a moment is here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My drawing...

I somehow managed to transfer few files from my PDA to my laptop. I wished to publish my drawing in this blog, which i had done using my mobile (Sony Ericssion P910i PDA). And time came now. I did this drawing using the stylus pen in it.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Another trip to UK ...

I made one another trip to UK. I came for a proposal presentation this time. I went to Colombo on the way. The international airport was really good and far away from comparison with our International Airport in India. Ok - I will blog on my experience here in UK a little later. This trip is a very short trip - only for a week.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

New one...

I moved to a new laptop (Acer aspire Series) with Windows Vista Premium installed. Its good and I am posting this one from it.

I got the Internet connection from Airtel and started browsing. I need to explore Vista more. I am also planning to look to explore Opensource and Dotnet. Lets c as i move further.

I was reading abt Turrets Syndrome. I happened to see a program which shows how this syndrome is handled using DBS( Deep Brain Stimulation). More details abt it here.

More info abt Acer Aspire series here...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Trip to St James..

I made a trip to St. James and Buckingham palace again ( again an unavoidable trip). The trip was good. I could see the people in London are cherishing each and every moment of their life here which I miss in India.

I hoped Indians should also be like this. Be in a safe place and njoying the wonderful life that GOD has given.

Few snaps here which I have taken there...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


After a long time I am writing this post. Yep, there should be some news to write always, right. Yes I made one another trip to London.This time my try was thro' AIR FRANCE. I reached Paris by 10AM ( I started from Blore by 2.20AM the same day). Astonished to see a tamil guy checking the passport when i was abt to enter into my second flight to London.

I will write more abt my experience but meanwhile i need to mention abt a pleasant visitor who appeared on my 3rd day stay there. That's none other than SNOWY LONDON.

Find HIM here -Snap which i took near to my room.