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Thursday, November 09, 2006

To new version...

Today I moved to the beta version of the blog and hence the google gadget has gone. Last week my trip was to Greenwich - which i will be adding potos soon.

Comments on iPod Nano:

I moved to a new 2 GB iPod Nano - completely remastered. It is really good. The sound quality is superb - similar to the old iPod shuffle. I really liked the click wheel which responds when we slide our finger over it.

They have also increased the battery duration to 24 hrs from 15 hrs which was there for old iPod Nano.

Features i like in it:

  • Sleek design

  • Sturdy body

  • Nice Game

  • Click Wheel

  • 2 Gb in £99

  • Good sound

  • Calendar and Clock features

  • Contact features

  • Features I dislike

  • Ear phone jack at the bottom right

  • Change in earphone design - that doesnt fit in ears

  • Overall Satisfaction : Nice to buy

    More details about iPod Nano here

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    On the FN...

    (Replace H with Husband and W with wife...;-))

    H eagerly anticipates his new W arrival on the first night.
    Here are the few dialogues that went in after that….

    H says: Before we proceed our life, I wish we could share our feelings, likeliness, interest etc. This will make us comfortable, understandable and help us to understand each other in a better way
    W says: mmm ( in a silent node)
    H Says: let me talk about my love life. I wish you should know some. At least I want to speak here.
    H says: I happened to love few people. Nothing worked out. My first one….I got attracted by a girl when I was doing 10th std.
    W says: (suddenly raises her eye brows )
    H says: Don’t see me like that. Let me complete. I did not speak even a single word during my studies there. One last word we shared – that is before our final examination – All the best.
    W says: (now with little comfort) that’s it…
    H says: Yep. That’s it. I could not see the girl after that. The next one when I was doing my graduation. This girl was my colleague. She was very beautiful and I wished to spend time with her. But I never confessed my love to her.
    W says: Does she know now or not?
    H says: No. I later found that she was not the one which I was looking for. I completed my studies. She knew me as a colleague but not more.
    (The conversation goes as this for other 15 mins and H finally finishes his love story...)

    H says: So, those where my 1942 love stories. How about you. Did you love some body? Any success in that.
    W says: Not but during the recent days I do.
    H says: Don’t worry. I won’t take it bad. Is that true?
    W says: Yes. I still love him.
    H says: (with little annoyed but not shown in face): That sounds interesting. What happened to him?
    W says: He got married.
    H says: Oh I am sorry (little relieved now) What is he doing now?
    W says: Wasting the wonderful first night telling the untold stories to his new wife. Ada chi vaaa.
    H says: Adingooo….

    On the British Museum...
    As I had mentioned in my earlier post about my trip to British Museum. Here are few excerpts.

    I took 2 tubes to reach British Museum from my place Hounslow. It is one of the world’s largest museums. It is a good one to spend a whole day. There are 3 floors and maps are available to easily locate a place where we are and what is nearby.

    I tried seeing almost all the rooms in the museum and I hope I have covered all of it. The one that fascinated me the most was the Egyptian section which I longed to see. I could see more people in that session and I saw the famous mummies.

    Next one which I admired was the very big reading room. A huge collection of books orderly arranged --- too huge. They do have some small outlets and restaurants for small breaks, if at all we require.

    Asian section – Other section where I could see more people. Collections of various shapes of Buddha were found everywhere. India has got a much enriched history, since in the Asian section; India is finding a memorable place in the British Museum. I tried to see the famous peacock throne (the throne of ShahJahan) but I could not. I read somewhere that this was taken by British from India when they ruled.

    The first poto shows here the reading room.

    Second one – Outside the reading room.. the cafetaria

    The third room, - idol of Durga devi and my favourite – at the Japan Section – the jar was very beautiful and the surrounding was very clean that lured to me to shot.

    Last one – Outside the British Museum –

    When I am coming out I found this building which looked really good. Waited for some time so that I could shoot it with no people in the scope. I don’t know how anything about this building but the photo has really come well. Taken with normal light with no flash.