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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

On the British Museum...
As I had mentioned in my earlier post about my trip to British Museum. Here are few excerpts.

I took 2 tubes to reach British Museum from my place Hounslow. It is one of the world’s largest museums. It is a good one to spend a whole day. There are 3 floors and maps are available to easily locate a place where we are and what is nearby.

I tried seeing almost all the rooms in the museum and I hope I have covered all of it. The one that fascinated me the most was the Egyptian section which I longed to see. I could see more people in that session and I saw the famous mummies.

Next one which I admired was the very big reading room. A huge collection of books orderly arranged --- too huge. They do have some small outlets and restaurants for small breaks, if at all we require.

Asian section – Other section where I could see more people. Collections of various shapes of Buddha were found everywhere. India has got a much enriched history, since in the Asian section; India is finding a memorable place in the British Museum. I tried to see the famous peacock throne (the throne of ShahJahan) but I could not. I read somewhere that this was taken by British from India when they ruled.

The first poto shows here the reading room.

Second one – Outside the reading room.. the cafetaria

The third room, - idol of Durga devi and my favourite – at the Japan Section – the jar was very beautiful and the surrounding was very clean that lured to me to shot.

Last one – Outside the British Museum –

When I am coming out I found this building which looked really good. Waited for some time so that I could shoot it with no people in the scope. I don’t know how anything about this building but the photo has really come well. Taken with normal light with no flash.

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