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Friday, September 07, 2007

To Time this time….

This time I bounced to read about watches. I am not going to tell anything new about watches but want to discuss on special watches that is available from ’83 – the G-SHOCK series from CASIO. The G stands for Gravity.

I use to wonder why G-SHOCK watches are thicker with very thick boarder and a small display when compared to entire dial dia of watches. The features a GSHOCK should suffice as per CASIO are the following.

  • Bear the shock if falls from 10 mts
  • Should be 20bar water resistant ( 200 mts)
  • Should work in limited light
  • Should work in low and high temperatures ( min – 20C)
  • Standard time keeping functions with date, day and month
  • Standard features in digital watches like stop watch, timer etc
  • No battery replacement – or the life of battery should be more (some goes for 10 years)
  • Other additional features – depending on type of watch - like tide graph for surfers, waveceptors – for atomic time keeping

The reason for its bulkiness is the different layers that are present before and after the inner core of the watch to reduce the impact to 0 at the maximum. So the impact from a 10m drop is made to 0 here and hence the inner core ( where the brain of the watch is present) is not disturbed.

Other interesting features:

To save power, the watch display goes off if kept in total darkness for some time in some models. Additionally tough solar concept helps in recharging the battery so you won’t require replacing it. When the battery charge goes down, the watch gradually reduces its features one by one – (for example the auto EL light will be off) till it gets recharged. You just need to keep it in a location where light is present. Even a candle light will do to charge it.

Waveceptor linked with G SHOCK helps in keeping up the time to atomic accurate. These watches receives signal either from US , or Europe atomic stations and syncs the time automatically. The sync can be done either manually or automatically. Automatic sync happens mostly during night when the watch assumes you wont be using it – interesting isn’t.

The watch when fully charged can work in total darkness for 9 months… wow. The watch is now a favourite wear in armies, surfers, astronauts.

So wanna interested in buying G-SHOCK. Try it out today. And one last news, other than SWATCH watches, G SHOCK is also one of the collectors item for peoples. Number of limited editions have come in G SHOCK and still comes. FROGMAN is one of specific G SHOCK watch which is a most popular collection items. For more info go check it out here : casiowatches and gshockhome.