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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Calls are new...

Again to another phone now. Moved to Nokia for the first time. Here are the comments about my new Nokia N72

Good ones:

Stylish look - i got gold plated one - this came very recently to market
Quick hints on current status - if you had received some new messages or any missed calls - it get displayed in the screen saver timer
File transfer - The NOKIA pc suite is good to transfer files from here and there. There is one another feature wherein you can send SMS from ur PC thro the phone instantly
Sound quality - Good
Light sensor - Automatically detects the light based on which it lights the keypad

Bad ones:

Less talk time - around 3 hours and 30 mins ( i am not sure about this)
Slow menu response - this was not happening in my old sony ericsson
No auto key pad lock - u need to lock the entire phone using some code
Audio format - not much supported audio and video format. I copied one AVI file but it was showing "Un recognised format"
Camera cover - poor design - often it opens by hand slippage ( if you keep this in pant pockets) and the worst part is it will unlock the phone - so if you keep it in ur pocket - ur loosing power

Overall suggestion: Good one to buy since it has almost all the features of current technologies.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Skill that hangs in the wall

Last week, one of my friend sent me some of the paintings her mother did. I checked those,-- it was quite amazing to see her skills.

I could see the paintings are framed and hung in the wall.

Posting here few of her paintings -- Kudos to you ma'm - keep up the good work. ( you c I am also good at drawings and won few prizes too during school days....)

Bye bye Balmuri...

Last week i had been to Balmuri ( some 15 kms from my place). I wanted to check abt the falls there.... To my great diasppointment i could not see any such thing there. The water from KRS comes here - they have built a baricade where the water suppose to overflow creating some artificial falls.

Since there is no much water ( may b the time when i went ) there is nothing to really enjoy over there. People come there to take bath ( the water is so bad there). I dont know how to describe this place - you can just spend some 5 mins to see the place and quit back to ur place immediately to save the image of balmuri - otherwise you will curse this place.

I dont know why they are collecting some entry fee ( for vehicles) to this place - i think its kinda warning to people to say not to come here.....

Few snaps which I took there...

Friday, May 04, 2007

The dark day...

Yes, the power often goes off in Mysore nowadays where I live. The same happened when I came from Office one day - i lighted the candle and was waiting for the ligths to turn on again. It was a cold day in Mysore (in this hot period) - it was about to rain as well.

Took this snap - gues what is in the foreground - it is just a chair.