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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Modern Vision zone:

Just thought about the space that we are left with, without gadget in front of our eyes. After a bit deliberation, I could put down the items as below.
Divided our eye vision into a 3x3 squares or 9 quadrant and fit in the gadgets. With new smart watches coming in and occupying quadrant 7 or 9 (if right or left hander), chance of people getting neck pain may increase.
Q4 and Q6 are occupied by 10-20% of people if they are using dual monitors or triple monitors but a rare case.
Now tech companies can explore the real estate available in Q1, Q2 and Q3 which might come in future. A point to note, google glass covers all the quadrant.  The color code is as below.
  • RED – completely occupied
  • Orange – other gadgets can explore here
  • Yellow  - very less users are here so can be explored
  • Green – free to explore