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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Clean Mysore...

Its been a long time i have posted some snaps here. Find here some... which I took after a rain in Mysore.

The green colour of the leaves are fresh after the rain - u can see it here.

I also make sure that most of my photos can be made as desktop back ground... try it out....

Friday, August 03, 2007


This could be big blog writing but yet it is interesting to read and I hope you will enjoy it.

My recent reading was related to UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects). I had some knowledge about it when I was little and had seen some movies related to that. But after this recent reading, I go with the conclusion that there is life present somewhere in the Universe for sure.

From the readings I could derive the following:

The aliens are
  • Are more powerful than man
  • Not willing to interact with humans
  • Studying earth and the living and non living things on the earth
  • Also experimenting on other objects in the universe - like our famous moon, Mars
  • Using some improvised technology which is not known so far, to make objects dispappear or invisible to human eyes
  • A different technology that helps flying other than using jet of air or a combination since people could not hear sounds
Few interesting facts about them are:

Almost all the UFO look similar in structure - few of them vary very little but all of them with no wings to fly. They look like disc or hat, which helps us to say that they also come from an atmosphere like or some fluid medium based object similar to earth. Reason being, since the UFO are designed in an aerodynamic way - this structure is required only when we travel through a fluid to reduce the friction between the object and the fluid.

To say more, the lunar space module which landed on the moon need not be aerodynamic since there is no atmosphere in moon and hence the friction is very minimal whereas for the objects to survive in atmosphere it should be aerodynamically designed to reduce the friction caused by the atmosphere - that is the reason why most of the planets are in sphere shape. If you can see how the landing over Mars been done you can understand more.

One more question also arises here - is the reason for the aerodynamic structure is because of their plan to travel to earth where atmosphere is present? A question to be answered.

Ok let me come to other points - on the UFO
  • Some UFO grabbed a speed of 200 - 300 km in 2-4 seconds with out making any noise
  • The radio communications failed when UFO appeared near the range
  • Car engines stopped functioning when near to UFO
  • Animals can locate the space ships - for dogs suddenly barking at the sky happened when UFO was sighted.
  • Most of the UFO ships are not visible to human
  • When approached nearby they moved in a random direction and flew at a very high speed disappearing in seconds
  • Few UFO were visible to naked eye whereas most of them appeared only in the photographs taken - they were not visible when they were taken so there is evey possibility that no. of UFOs might come to earth every year and go unnoticed. I think this happens even today
  • People or animal not harmed by them although there are stories where people being abducted but not
  • UFO sighted to explore the sea water and animals - i remember seeing a snap wherein a UFO comes out of sea water
They have also noticed a big UFO spanning some 400km in diameter from a space shuttle with earth at the background. Few UFO sightings were observed in Moon and in space.

I too remember some past experiences- suddenly some light glows in the night in the sky - moves for a distance and disappears. I thought these could be some debris in the sky like asteroids or meteors. But I now speculate why it can't be UFO. Good no. of videos are present in You tube and you would also be interested to know about AREA 51. Browse the net .

For more information, check in Google (type UFO). Remember the next time you snap a picture of sky check it for UFO in the back ground. But be sure that YOU ARE BEING WATCHED