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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SAS..(Software As a Service)

I was going through the gmail blog and got somewhere the link of most recommended internet applications ( top 10). I landed in ZOHO which gives software as a service. 

I was trying the spreadsheets present in it. It is pretty amazing. It has got even macro recording and assign it to a button. 

You can compare this with Google docs. The user interface and the usage are more in par with a normal MS office applications. 

You can try it out here - you need to create a zoho account for this. 

Following are my recent readings and observations:
  • Gmail came with drag and concept of attachment. Now instead of browsing attachments when you are sending email, you can simply drag and drop into Gmail from your computer. Gmail takes care of rest.
  • Multiple attachments can be selected in one go - either drag multiple items into Gmail or using browse for attachments, select multiple files in one go.
  • Also Gmail has introduced rich signatures - now your signature can have different font, colours and hyperlink and you can include images as well. I recently included my blog link to my signature in Gmail.
  • If you are typing frequently the same messages every time, you can save this as a template message and add it in a click in Gmail ( called as Canned responses) - i have never tried it out.
  • The recent office outlook 2010 contains a check for empty subject line. Earlier (till 2007 version), there is no straight way to check the subject and you need to write a macro to check this. The painful part outlook will trigger an alert message whenever you open it to execute the macro.
Have created a simple test below using ZohoChallenge