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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Modern Vision zone:

Just thought about the space that we are left with, without gadget in front of our eyes. After a bit deliberation, I could put down the items as below.
Divided our eye vision into a 3x3 squares or 9 quadrant and fit in the gadgets. With new smart watches coming in and occupying quadrant 7 or 9 (if right or left hander), chance of people getting neck pain may increase.
Q4 and Q6 are occupied by 10-20% of people if they are using dual monitors or triple monitors but a rare case.
Now tech companies can explore the real estate available in Q1, Q2 and Q3 which might come in future. A point to note, google glass covers all the quadrant.  The color code is as below.
  • RED – completely occupied
  • Orange – other gadgets can explore here
  • Yellow  - very less users are here so can be explored
  • Green – free to explore

Monday, December 31, 2012

Might be a haphazard way of writing but should be a starting point anyway. Writing after a long time ( lot of hectic work and changes in family kept me away from this).  Will ensure this post is interesting. 

What we miss?

The recent Christmas vacation made me to think as this. I have not seen people planning for any long leaves during our festivals but we plan when our owner's festival come.  Not sure in future, people will really forget our festivals.  All the IT Companies ( whose bosses are in different zones) are making these happen.  

People from different states come and work at a common place. Yet they find little time to travel back to their natives.  How come a day holiday for Diwali will help a person working in Bangalore to travel to Delhi and come back. A flight ticket would be expensive at the near moment as well. So we skip it. But when Christmas came, we had no work, most of the cubicles were empty.  IT - the boon is also having a negative influence on our traditions. We are MISSING something.

I beleive any changes will always show signs before it changes completely. We are slowly losing our closeness towards our religions, culture etc, here.

Remember recently reading a post somewhere : A birthday party invited by some one. The party was mostly attended by parents and there were very few kids alone. When the host asked for the reason, he was shocked to hear that most of the kids were in some trainings ( Swimming, skating, singing). We are blocking the essence of parties/functions to the newer generations. As read somewhere, tomorrow our kids will see the Tiger only in books. 

See not to lose any of our old wonderful fragrances given by our forefathers/religions here. We have a very rich culture right from history. There is still a lot to come. Think about it.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Logging after a long gap

Hectic schedule and bit of travels between kept me away from the blog.  I am leading a nomadic life. Recently had a chance to get my hands dirt on my Point & Shoot camera. Took some snaps of our campus which I am posting here. 

Want to share few quick bits that lingers in top of my head currently as well....

  • New Horizon will reach Pluto by 2015 after a travel for 9 years ( launched in 2006). This is also the fastest man made object currently
  • VY Canis Majoris is the largest known star to us. To compare its size, assume Sun as your first and a mustard is Earth. Now replace Sun with VYCanis Majoris (will henceforth call it as VY) and Earth with Sun.  
  • VY when replaced with Sun, will occupy till Jupiter - which means Earth will go inside its body
  • The giant red eye in Jupiter is almost equal to size of Earth. Ideally it is bigger than that. This is a storm that is always present in Jupiter. Imagine a storm that is to size of Earth:-(
  • The solar flare is a ring created by fire as it gets erupted on the sun surface and get back to it like a ring. A typical solar flare can hold 100 Earths inside its ring. 

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Blogging from iphone

First time I am trying to blog from my phone. I am posting the poto of our dog Tuffy here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Recently completed reading a tamil book by Madhan "Manithargalum marmangalum". It talks about ghost and UFO. As I have already read enough about UFO's ( you can see in one of my earlier post about UFO), it was a refresher course when I read it. The details about Ghosts were interesting.  Nice book - if you get a chance to read, give a shot.

Current readings are: "Ki Mu Ki Pi" by Madhan and "A monk who sold his ferrari" by Robin. Dont know when I will complete both.
Back to iPhone from Wild

Atlast, my iPhone got repaired and started working. Was having trouble in handling the HTC Wildfire S but now I can heave a sigh of relief.  I need to install most of my applications again there but now I am comfortable. The problems I see with HTC Wildfire S are:
  • Screen size small so the QWERTY key board doesn't come handy for text message
  • Very difficult to edit any text
  • Sometimes the keyboard hides the text boxes partially ( in few web pages) and we could not see what is the text entered due to this.

What feels better in iPhone?
  • Screen big. I could see what character has been pressed
  • Easy to edit.
  • Context sensisitve key board appears ( for e.g: if you are typing email or web address, we have .COM, @ buttons ready there

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Why India is not clean? I wont blame the Government - it is the responsibility of every Indian to keep the city clean. When I recently travelled in train, I took a small stroll towards the entrance of the couch and could see beautiful tracks but waste cups, packets came from most of the doors into the track. I pity the railway team for how can they clean our waste. Few things that needs action at this hour:

People should be aware of environment and inculcate the habit of cleanliness
Have dust bins everywhere possible with a clean board saying not to spit on it - even in trains where most of the petty shop owners sell fruits/peanuts/biscuits etc.
Always see to carry a waste bag to dump all wastes till you find a dust bin.

Let s keep the city clean
Software failure push people breakfast

A recent incident remembered me of Terminator film.  Most of the hospitals now relies on softwares for billing.  The software in a hospital failed which resulted in blunt stop of billing. This eventually resulted in stopping of blood collection as they need a bill receipt to proceed further.  People who came with fasting to give blood sample had to wait till the issue has been resolved. More people started gathering as timing passed by.

Am just thinking why do we rely on software or hardware when it is not fully reliable. Final comment:  Rely on something only when it is proved to be reliable or else have a back up method to resolve in urgency.  In the above case, a manual entry or some sort of would have eased the situation but that system was not in place in the hospital which eventually created chaos there. 
Currently reading a book by Osho

Started reading a Osho book in Tamil (Marainthirukkum unmaigal). Initially it was bit tough for me to understand but quite interesting. I could not fully believe in the things mentioned about thilagam, how people entered into Pyramid but the book keeps you tight in your seat.  Will be completing it soon.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In India
Life is going on good - learning new things every day. Recently moved to Android phone from iPhone.
Ithu oru nagaichuvai patti mandram.
Thalaipu : en oochi mandailya soorunguthu un naan paarkaiyal kirruunguthu – mandaila sooraa = paarvaiyill kirraa – ithu ilakana pizhaia?

Naduvar: Salman Kopaaiah
Mandaiyala soor  correcte engira ani
Vennaivelu ( VV)
Kozhambu Samy (KS)

Mandaiyala soor thappu engira ani
Sottai mani (SM)
Thirupur varala ( TV)

Salman kopaaiah: Adada – nallaa thaan vachu irukaanga titlea , en uchi mandailya sooraa? Illa kirraa – engenga pidikiranga itha – room illa oru hotela vaangai yosichu iruppaanga pola.  Paarpom ivanga en mandaiya epdi soriyaranunganuuu.

Itho irukare vennai velu – ivaru mandaiyala sooru right thaaann solraru. Vappa vennai – vanthu porinju thallu

Vennai velu : naduvar avargale – intha padimandrame vedikaiayaga irukirathu

Salman : yov, ithu nagaichuvai pandi mandram ya. Vedikaiya thaan irukanam.

VV: Athu illa thalaivare. Mandaila sooru – paarkaiyal kiruunu nama doctor vijaye sollitaaru appuram ithu epdi ilakana pizhaiya irukka mudiyum. Valluvar kooda itha pathi …

Salman: Avar kooda itha pathi pesi irukaarraa.... sollu sollu

VV:  Amaam thalaivare : thupaarku thuppa thuppakki… thooovuam mazhai.

Salman: ennaku ippu kirruthunguthu

VV: athaan thailavara – ungalluku ippo paarvaiyil thane kirrunguthu

Salman: yove nee mela pesu ya

VV: appo mandaiyal kirrunguthaaa? Neenga ilakanatha maatha paarkireenga

Salman (thinking): thangala da sami - enga intha mani adikirathu – aaa itho  - Mani adikiraru (timeout bell rings)

Sottai mani: Hey VV, unakku pel adichachuuu nee kilambu ,. Ithu en time

(VV idathai kali panugirar)

SM: Naduvare… neengal maniyai aarambithileye adithirukka vendum

Salman: oo apdiya – marupadiyum mani adikiraru(timeout bell rings)

Kozhambu samy ( fromVV team): Sottai, innaiku sani, salman unnakku adichatu mani, idaithai vittu kilambu ini

SM: enna koduma ithu aarambi nee ini

KS: naduvare VV sonnathu sarithaan

Salman: Avar Vijay sonnathu sareengiraru – ippo yar sonnathu thaan Sari

KS: VV sonnanaalum Vijay sonna mathiri thaan.

Salman: Avare oru thadava sonna avar pecha avare ketka maataru. Punch dialogue ellam illa inga venam nee solla vanthathu sollu

KS: oochi enbathu top. Top na mandai  - mandaiyila veyil patta kirrunguma illa soorunguma?

Salman: atha nee thaan sollaanum

KS: kirrunnu thaan irukkum

Salman ( kozhambi) – ivan entha katchi

KS: mandaiyilla kirr enbathuthaan correct –aana…..

VV: yov vayaa ( KS ezhuthavar padukirrar) uttaa avangalai jeyika vachiruva pola

Thirupur varala: KS sir vaanga inga oru seatu kaaliya thaan irukuthu.

VV: Neenga ezhunthathaale seat kaaliyirukku – itha koda publicity panrangala da samy!!!!

Salman: Amma athu enna thirupur varala; Thirupurukku varalama???

TV: Sir kovaikku oru sarala irukum pothu thirupurukku oru varalaruuu… chee varala irukka kodathaaa?

Salman: nayamaana point ithu..

TV: sir – oochi mandaiyila, ithula oochiya piruthu paarthal

Salman: Ulla onnum illa thane!!!

TV: illa sare

Salman – Athamma naanum solren!!!

TV: thalaivara, ithai neenga pirithu paarthal, oo + ich+ chee. Ich and chee yum kaama sorkal – athu epdi mandaiyil nadanthu – appa heroine hero mandaiyila kiss panala illa hero mandai thaan sottaiya – enakku therinja varaikkum hero vuku sottai kidaiyathu

Salman: ema varala – hero mandai sottaiya ella mudi irukka enbatha naama adutha varusha patti mandrathula  parthukalam

TV: athukkula hero thala mudi valarthuduvare!!!

Salman: mudiyala!!!!

TV: mudiyum saaru – ippo ethethuo thailangal vanthudichi – atha thadavina varum saaru

Salman: (manathukkul - saarula irunthu thane thailam thayaripaanga, aaa kozhaparangale)yaarupaa athu – antha thailatha konjam eduthuttu vaanga

TV: paaru thailavare kozhambittaru – appa illakana pizhai illamaya irukkum?

Salman: Naa kozhambala – neenga kozhamba vachividuveenga pola irukku  continue…

TV: naduvar avargale – soor matrum kirrrr irandume irattai kilaveegal. Pirithaal porul tharathuuu

Salman:  (manathhukkul) iva mattum komariya --- perusa serthu paartha mattum porul vara mathiriye pesarangappa!!!!

TV: Thalaivara ivai irandum English vaarthaikal – SURE enbathaithaan ilaya thalapathy soooru nu maathi irukaar, GEAR enbathaithaan girrunnu maaathi irukkaar

Salman: Aalalukku tamizha kola panraganda samy thangala. ( konjam sathamaaga) amma varala, neenga konjam overa poitte irukeenga. Pothum ithukku mela nee pesina

TV: enna mani adipeenga

Salman; Illa mani unnai adikkum, naan mani adicha satham varum. Mani unnai adichaa ratham varum. … appa theriyum unmaiyana answer

TV: Sir, Sir – naan utkanthiduren – neenga theerpa sollunga

Salman: Appada oru vazhiya mudichutaanunga.  (Sathamagaa) – nalla thaan pesinaanga irandu aniyum.  Yaaro correct a kandupidichaanga – athavathu uchi mandaiyila soorru epdi possiblennu – ena – neenga intha padathai paarthal herovukku mudiyirukkum. Thalaiyila mudiirukkum pothu ivar epdi mandaiya pathi pesa mudiyum. Appa mudikku enna mariyaathai???

Makkal: Vare wow vare wow

Salman: Intha paadaloda adutha variya paartha ungalakku vishyam puriyum.  Enna solraru “ kitta nee vanthala daarruu nguthu”.  Orutharukku darr eppo varum. Appo avar enna pannuvar?  Darru bayathil erpadum. Padikaatha maanavan vaathiyaara paartha darrr aayiduvaan. Appo epdi sir paatu varum. Bayathulla ellame nadungum. Building, basement ellam aadipoidum.  Appo intha “Kitta nee vanthale darru nguthu” varthaiya epdi hero jollya paada mudiyum. logicke thappu. Logic thaapaa irukkum pothu paatu epdi right a irukka mudiyum. Paatu kandippa thaapa thaan irukanum.

Makkal: Salman correctaa pudichitaaru paarthiyaa?

Salman: Athanala – en oochi mandaiyila soor enbathukku pathila – en oochi mandaiyila kirru enbathu thaan correct. Unnna naan paarkiyil sooru correct ( athavathu sharp paarvai). Melum hero intha varigala dance aadi padama , bayathula manasukulla ninachi amaithya pesi irukanum – appo thaan intha varikallu mariyathai. Aaga intha padal ilakana pizhiye ena theerpu solli intha patti mandrathai mudithukolgiren.

(Thidirendu dinguunnu oru satham- Salman mandaiya VV alarm mani kondu oru adi aditha satham thaan athu. Salman nilai thadumaarugiraar)

Salman:  Ayyyo mandaiyilaa…..

VV: Sollu thalaivare soorunnu thane irukuthu

TV: illa kirunnu thaan irukkum

Salman (manathukkul): inge oruthan adipatu sava kidakuran – ippo poi soora illa girrannu sandaipodarangule – (mayakammagirar)