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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Last few days...

We were at the project party (account level) last wednesday. The DJ was good. It started at 7.30pm and went till 10.30 pm.

Nice to cherish. Too far from Mysore, scheduled somewhere in SriRangapatna in a resort named YOUNG WORLD ( hope I remember correctly).

i will be soon moving with a new SONY ERICSSON PDA cum MOBILE PHONE ( model no P110I).

Soon to tell some good news related to my leisure activity.

For time being, njoy this snap which I took when I had been to UK.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poto Side

Few of the snaps my fnd sent to me in email. And the paintings are really cute.

Let them be caught in my blog for sometime ....

Roaming around Mysore

Few weeks before I had been to Mysore Zoo. Man, that is too big. It took some 4 hrs to come back to the starting spot.
Felt almost tired. The animals kepts us enthusiastic. Good to know that they have named the tigers in beautiful traditional south Indian names.

Few snaps posted here. Splendid place for kids to visit .

We just followed these people too for keeping us move without tired ;-)