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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Alarm sounded...

Been a long time - kind of getting back from hibernation. Hope I will spend more time in writing few things which I am reading - so wait for few more interested packs.

Let me start again with a cool note. Not sure on the exact date when I ( ideally We)  made a trip around Mysore. I remember taking this snap in the Somnathpur temple in the Garbha griha.  The small labyrinth bends at the top ceiling took sometime in my mind to give the path.  Not sure from where they started to begin this master piece and the best part is if you trace the path, it will go one below or above the other - all this in pure carvings in stone (Period: 1254-1291 AD ) - where no proper mending tools as we have now. It is an architectural master piece.

Second snap shows the delicate carvings and third one is a symmetrical piece of kopura taken from bottom.