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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Logging after a long gap

Hectic schedule and bit of travels between kept me away from the blog.  I am leading a nomadic life. Recently had a chance to get my hands dirt on my Point & Shoot camera. Took some snaps of our campus which I am posting here. 

Want to share few quick bits that lingers in top of my head currently as well....

  • New Horizon will reach Pluto by 2015 after a travel for 9 years ( launched in 2006). This is also the fastest man made object currently
  • VY Canis Majoris is the largest known star to us. To compare its size, assume Sun as your first and a mustard is Earth. Now replace Sun with VYCanis Majoris (will henceforth call it as VY) and Earth with Sun.  
  • VY when replaced with Sun, will occupy till Jupiter - which means Earth will go inside its body
  • The giant red eye in Jupiter is almost equal to size of Earth. Ideally it is bigger than that. This is a storm that is always present in Jupiter. Imagine a storm that is to size of Earth:-(
  • The solar flare is a ring created by fire as it gets erupted on the sun surface and get back to it like a ring. A typical solar flare can hold 100 Earths inside its ring.