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Monday, December 31, 2012

Might be a haphazard way of writing but should be a starting point anyway. Writing after a long time ( lot of hectic work and changes in family kept me away from this).  Will ensure this post is interesting. 

What we miss?

The recent Christmas vacation made me to think as this. I have not seen people planning for any long leaves during our festivals but we plan when our owner's festival come.  Not sure in future, people will really forget our festivals.  All the IT Companies ( whose bosses are in different zones) are making these happen.  

People from different states come and work at a common place. Yet they find little time to travel back to their natives.  How come a day holiday for Diwali will help a person working in Bangalore to travel to Delhi and come back. A flight ticket would be expensive at the near moment as well. So we skip it. But when Christmas came, we had no work, most of the cubicles were empty.  IT - the boon is also having a negative influence on our traditions. We are MISSING something.

I beleive any changes will always show signs before it changes completely. We are slowly losing our closeness towards our religions, culture etc, here.

Remember recently reading a post somewhere : A birthday party invited by some one. The party was mostly attended by parents and there were very few kids alone. When the host asked for the reason, he was shocked to hear that most of the kids were in some trainings ( Swimming, skating, singing). We are blocking the essence of parties/functions to the newer generations. As read somewhere, tomorrow our kids will see the Tiger only in books. 

See not to lose any of our old wonderful fragrances given by our forefathers/religions here. We have a very rich culture right from history. There is still a lot to come. Think about it.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Logging after a long gap

Hectic schedule and bit of travels between kept me away from the blog.  I am leading a nomadic life. Recently had a chance to get my hands dirt on my Point & Shoot camera. Took some snaps of our campus which I am posting here. 

Want to share few quick bits that lingers in top of my head currently as well....

  • New Horizon will reach Pluto by 2015 after a travel for 9 years ( launched in 2006). This is also the fastest man made object currently
  • VY Canis Majoris is the largest known star to us. To compare its size, assume Sun as your first and a mustard is Earth. Now replace Sun with VYCanis Majoris (will henceforth call it as VY) and Earth with Sun.  
  • VY when replaced with Sun, will occupy till Jupiter - which means Earth will go inside its body
  • The giant red eye in Jupiter is almost equal to size of Earth. Ideally it is bigger than that. This is a storm that is always present in Jupiter. Imagine a storm that is to size of Earth:-(
  • The solar flare is a ring created by fire as it gets erupted on the sun surface and get back to it like a ring. A typical solar flare can hold 100 Earths inside its ring.