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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

On the FN...

(Replace H with Husband and W with wife...;-))

H eagerly anticipates his new W arrival on the first night.
Here are the few dialogues that went in after that….

H says: Before we proceed our life, I wish we could share our feelings, likeliness, interest etc. This will make us comfortable, understandable and help us to understand each other in a better way
W says: mmm ( in a silent node)
H Says: let me talk about my love life. I wish you should know some. At least I want to speak here.
H says: I happened to love few people. Nothing worked out. My first one….I got attracted by a girl when I was doing 10th std.
W says: (suddenly raises her eye brows )
H says: Don’t see me like that. Let me complete. I did not speak even a single word during my studies there. One last word we shared – that is before our final examination – All the best.
W says: (now with little comfort) that’s it…
H says: Yep. That’s it. I could not see the girl after that. The next one when I was doing my graduation. This girl was my colleague. She was very beautiful and I wished to spend time with her. But I never confessed my love to her.
W says: Does she know now or not?
H says: No. I later found that she was not the one which I was looking for. I completed my studies. She knew me as a colleague but not more.
(The conversation goes as this for other 15 mins and H finally finishes his love story...)

H says: So, those where my 1942 love stories. How about you. Did you love some body? Any success in that.
W says: Not but during the recent days I do.
H says: Don’t worry. I won’t take it bad. Is that true?
W says: Yes. I still love him.
H says: (with little annoyed but not shown in face): That sounds interesting. What happened to him?
W says: He got married.
H says: Oh I am sorry (little relieved now) What is he doing now?
W says: Wasting the wonderful first night telling the untold stories to his new wife. Ada chi vaaa.
H says: Adingooo….

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