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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Crazy isn’t...

Recently I came to know about a new browser called CRAZY browser. I am used to Firefox mostly but few good features of this browser makes me to write this post. Once you are used to it, can never leave it.

First of all, this is a freeware and installs immediately (the download file size is small). It has got all things more than a normal browser reqiure. It downloads the pages faster. It doesn’t require you to install Java framework in your machine. It has got inbuilt popup blocker to block the pages and good cool features which I will be talking about in a few moment.
The one main drawback I see on this browser is – it requires IE to be installed previously in the machine – since it uses some of IE features. Ok lets be optimistic.

Cool features of Crazy

The domain completion for .com, .net, .org. Most of the browsers complete the URL of .com if you key in Ctrl + Enter. But this browser also completes .net and .org by keying in different combination. This can be configured in the OPTIONS section to our needs.
Also the tabbed browsing and the new mouse interface. You can close a page just by simply moving the move to some direction.

This action on mouse by holding the right click and releasing will close the current page. Similarly there are other cool movements to handle the pages.

This browser also allows closing the page in 3 different options.

- Close the current page
- Close all unavailable pages – where you get page cannot be displayed error
- Close all but locked pages

You can lock a page and prevent it from accidental closing. The other nice feature in this browser is grouping. You can group related pages into a single group – for example all news related sites into one group. Next time, just click the group name and it opens all the pages in one go.

I am yet to explore much into this browser but I am impressed by different feature it provides as of now. It is still in beta version and you can try it out for free from this location


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