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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Recently I came to know about this concept called Puppet. Puppetting not the humans but lifeless things. Example being: Keeping the bucket under the tap but not opening the tap. This is pupetting the bucket - the bucket expects that tap would be openened but we did not do that step. Another one could be : make the cot ready but sleep on the floor. Nice concept isnt it.

I did a round of analysis on this. This seems to be a good concept for childrens. After some thinking i classified this to costly and uncostly puppetting. It is always good to do uncostly pupetting since it is safe and no harm to any one.

Uncostly puppeting is the one which I mentioned initially. But the costly one will be opening the tap and cleaning our hands with napkins without using the water. Here we are pupetting the tap but the bad thing is here : wasting the water.

This will be a nice game where we can ask kids to do uncostly puppetting by showing an object. For example: How you will puppet a book? Open the book and sleep well without even seeing a page. I remember i took a book from library some months before and lying at my desk without even a page opened. Do you think I am pupetting it.. No it is a costly puppetting since i am puppetting myself by not gaining any knowledge from it... This is just a thought.

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