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Monday, December 25, 2006

Another scintillating day…

This weekend – again due to some unavoidable trip, I landed to see in and around of Mysore. I am posting few snaps here….

Came to know that there was no lighting in the Brindavan for the past one week ( as told by my taxi driver) . It was totally ignominy to see such display there. When the clock went down to 7pm, it was too dark and we could not even locate our car. Added to the scene, there were school kids following one by one. If one gets missed …. it would be very difficult to locate since, there was a heavy rush. There was no information any where abt this failure except at the ticket counter, where it was written in a small paper with sketch – “Due to power failure there will be no illumination in the south end gardens”.

The first one…

Beautiful sunset in the Cauvery Basin, Brindavan garden.

Krishna’s sculpture in the wooden base at Mysore silk Gallery

Monkey at Chamundi hills

Pillars at Gumbaz – Where Tipu is buried

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