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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kinda technical stuff...

Ever thought of Merlin greeting you when you open your outlook. Here it is..
Open Outlook and go to Tools> Macro>Visual Basic Editor

Add the Microsoft Agent Control 2
.0 as reference

Go to This Outlook Session and paste the following code.

Public Sub Application_Startup()

Dim strMorning As Date

Dim strNoon As Date

Dim strEvening As Date
Dim strNight As Date

Dim strNow As Date

strNow = Format(Now, "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")

strMorning = Format("7AM", "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")

strNoon = Format("12PM", "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")
strEvening = Format("4.30PM", "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")

strNight = Format("8.00PM", "hh:MM:ss AM/PM")

Set agentMerlin = New Agent

With agentMerlin ' Load a character
.Characters.Load "merlin", "c:\windows\msagent\chars\merlin.acs" 'If the folder ''c:\winNT\msagent\chars\ is not present on your disk, create such a folder and save ''merlin.acs to that folder
'' Display the character
.Characters("merlin").MoveTo 0, 0
Select Case True

Case strNow >= strMorning And strNow < style="font-style: italic;">.Characters("merlin").Speak "Good morning Senthil. Had ur breakfast"
Case strNow >= strNoon And strNow
.Characters("merlin").Speak "Good afternoon. Hope u had a nice lunch"

Case strNow >= strEvening And strNow .Characters("merlin").Speak "Still working. Then go for a break - i mean coffee/tea!!!!!!"
Case strNow >= strNight And strNow
.Characters("merlin").Speak "Had ur dinner. Nowadays u work very hard. Take care of ur health dude"

End Select


End With
End Sub

Save and close the window. Now go to Tools>Macro>Security and select Low security level to run your macro.

That’s it. Now you see when you open the Outlook, you will greetings as this….

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