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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In HuntsVille

Last week i had been to HuntsVille a natural park with lake. This is 60 miles from Houston Texas. I joined with few colleagues and we all started at 6 am in the morning. The morning was very cold. We rented a car and started our journey from Houston. After 1.5 hrs of entertaining route we were there at our destination. Had a small coffee break and then started towards HuntsVille park.

It was a nice scenic spot with a lake in the middle. My colleagues using their professional DSLR's charged the birds here and there. After a quick meal, we went for boating on the chilled water. Though life jackets were given, i was bit worried when they told about alligators on the lake. The temperature was very low and we could not hold our cameras for a longer time.

Then at 3pm, we trekked inside the forest for 2.5 hrs looking for good shots of birds. It was a good and thrilling experience needless to stay. We were back at our arrival spot by 7pm the same day. Posting here few potos which i took there.