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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Unforeseen Experiences in HanneMarudu

Present where:

  1. Adel
  2. Anita
  3. Suman
  4. Kripa
  5. Kavita
  6. Vazu
  7. Nithya
  8. Dheepak
  9. Satish
  10. Ganesh
  11. Anuja
  12. Anjana
  13. Rupa
  14. Tulsi
  15. Chander
  16. Satish
  17. Senthil (me, myself)
  18. Venkat
  19. Arnab

It was a sudden opening for me when my friend asked me to join this trip. My plan was to move 2 Mysore to c my room. Months gone after I moved from Mysore.

I accepted the invitation and joined with my friend Satheesh at 9.30pm. In an auto to that oooo oooooo train station which was our place of start to the trip.

Met the friends. It was a small gathering where there was a small introduction between us in the entrance. Made a move to Shimoga by 11.30pm. Reached the destination at 5am the next day and had a small break there.

Moving round here and there, finally got a bus train (I shud say so...) to Talaguppa. Dont know where it wud run or not, i was expecting some body to come there to put a board.. "Used by Tippu sultan to move to his guest house - An antique piece". Finally the bustrain busted 2 Talaguppa. It is some 80 km from Shimoga. Nice experience was it, when it stopped at unseen places in between. The climate was so good and upparwala started drizzling in b/w. Finally it haulted at Talaguppa at 10am. We had a small breakfast.

Then came the Safari trip, moving to adventure place called HanneMarudu. We were there at 11 am.

Dumped our luggages with a small trekking uphill and came back all set to swim or float. We were given life jackets( came to know it can float with 100kg). Luckily i was less than that. ..Gym guy na.. and we had a very good float. I suffered in the beginning but cud able to do it after sometime.

Came back to land at 2pm and had a lunch. Then moved to an Island with tents and our luggage’s. Reached the island. Could not explain how it was. Full of trees. I was looking pale to see how I am going to spend the whole night there. Finally cud see some barren land where tents were pointed.

Our effort to light the place went in vain as it kept on raining. We gathered some wood ( cud not say it was dry….) for it. Useless!!

Stayed in the tent as it started raining. Enjoyed. ..

Give me a break will be writing the next day adventure sooon.......

Adventure continued in this link

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Baejaar said...

Nice to see that we have recruited one more person into the blogging community. Welcome dude.