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Friday, June 24, 2005

Here I continue.....

U can c the photos in this link photos . The next morning came, we saw the troubles of others. There were some 6 persons in some tent and they suffered a lot since water came in and joining to it came centipede(!!!!!).

I heard the story that some looked for the time at 10.30 pm itself expecting a quicker dawn. Time came to leave the island and we started to pack the tent. U can c some snaps of myself folding the tents along with Vaasu.

Reached the place where we actually landed. Then we had a small breakfast, some rice variety. Then again to water sports ( allergic..) By the time I reached there it was raining like anything. We were taught to ride coracle and we made some simple ride on it.

My first ride with Deepak was too good. I cud c some people enjoying their ride too. Then I once again made a trip with Satheesh. I am not explaining toomuch.... the experiences in me punched as a nail in green wood.

Time to leave

A first batch moved in Jeep at 4pm. Then the next trip in which I was present. We reached Talguppa and took a bus to Sathara (some 10 km from this place). From there to Shimoga city in another bus. Had dinner over there. Took a train where again problem prompted ou.

TT experience

The TT needs a female passenger. We cajoled him but in vain. There was some mismatch in tickets. Kripa, another friend got and caught into it. We showed him as against his name alone sex was written as female. Somehow the problem got solved.


Reached Banglore at 5 and then to my room at 6 am the next day. A wonderful experience.....:-) Thanks to Anitha and my friend Satheesh for making me available in the trip.

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