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Monday, November 01, 2010

To Newyork.....

2 months passed by - i forgot to scribble here about my trip here to NY.
Posting here few snaps. We started as a big team on a 4 day trip to Niagara, NY and Washington DC (covering most of northern America).

Though it was bit hectic, it really added a spice to our holiday mood.
We traveled in all the modes of transport like ship, air, train and by bus to see the places in this trip. 

Few memorable moments to pen here.

There were sudden drops in altitude made by a small air plane during our trip to Niagara from Cleaveland.  The journey was even bit scary when the air hostess told to passengers who were sitting to the emergency exit window on what to do during emergency.

All heaved a sigh of relief except for my colleague's kid who was enjoying whenever the aircraft went down with a huge laugh every time.

The other one was during our bus journey to Washington DC from Newyork. Our bus was at 10pm and hence all though present at the spot were roaming to get quick dinner. 

Our luck( or unfortunate to say so), the bus driver asked us to board the 9.30pm bus. Everyone except my colleague were there and he went to grab some food stuffs. I tried reaching him over phone but my bad luck no signal where we boarded the bus. I left him a voice message.

As the time clocked near 9.30pm, the bus driver started shouting that he will start the bus and there was a bit of chaos happening (they were holding the bus for us) which I was totally unaware waiting for my friend. Oops I got a call finally from him.

When we rushed to the spot, all our luckages were off the bus. The driver went and called the police. Somehow we got all our loaded luckages back and took the 10pm bus and reached Washington DC. 

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