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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Security in GMAIL

You are browsing your gmail and suddenly some visitors come in. You left the screen as it is and went to get a drink for him.

At this time, visitor started browsing the website and there is a chance that he might see your gmail and email content.
This solution helps you to hide the emails temporarily and you can keep some important emails hidden.

What you need to do?
Go to Settings in your GMAIL:

Create a filter and hide it. How it is?

I will go with an example. If you want to keep the mails from hidden, do as follows.

Create a label in GMAIL with some specific name – I go with name “hidden” here for example

Create a new filter so that all mails from AA are labeled as “hidden”. Check the following:
  • Also apply filter to X conversations below
  • Skip the inbox (Archive it)
  • Apply the label ( select the label here “hidden”)


Go to Labels and select hide.

Now if you go to inbox, mails from AA will not be shown. And the label “hidden” will also not be shown in the main screen.

How to see the mails which are hidden just now ? Do I need to go and activate it back from the settings which are again painful?

My answer is NO. Just go to inbox, in the search type “label:hidden”. Hurray – all the mails which are labeled with this are shown now.

(Tip: In similar lines, if you want to see only “UNREAD” mails, go to search bar and type “label:unread” and you will be only shown all the unread mails. And Inbox is also one of the default lable in gmail).

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