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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Trip to Nagerhole

Present where:

  1. Me
  2. Santhanam
  3. Arun
  4. Manusha
  5. Sneha
  6. Rajiv
  7. Raviraj
  8. Vidhyadar
  9. Raghavendra Rao Karanam
  10. Rahul Singh
  11. Krishna Bitla
  12. Krishna Mohan Tunungtla

Here goes the trip….

We started from here at 6 pm. Our schedule is to reach Infy Mysore that day, a stay there and move to Nagerhole the next day.

Rahul joined us at Madiwala traffic police station. He started showing signs of drinks to Santhanam, the moment he came inside the vehicle. On the way we started dancing and the whole bus started dancing.. I can say so…

Reaching Mysore.

When driver neared to Mysoreit was almost 10. We don’t know the way for a good hotel. Sneha suggested for Royal Inn restaurant but we don’t know the way to reach there. I asked the driver to go Mysore Railway station for I can pick up from there the way. He did so and we reached the hotel at 10.30pm. Our dinner started and it went on till 12am ( I mean the next day). The driver started and I found he was going in wrong direction and I corrected him. .. See a guy who had worked there for 6 months. At least I should know these otherwise I am good for nothing….

In Infy..

We checked in the rooms . After dumping in all the stuffs some had a stroll to see the campus at that time. Rajiv accompanied me in my room. Yep.. Started the next day

The Day to Hole(!!!) trip.

Started the day where the venture was scheduled. Myself and Rajiv went to gym there. We started from there at 10 and were heading to Nagerhole.. Give me a break man.. Will write abt our adventure a little later.

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